Collection: Annie Nelson Napangardi

Born: 1968
Skin Name: Napangardi
Language: Warlpiri
Region: Ti Tree

Annie was born in Alice Springs in 1968,  she was raised and continues to live in Ti Tree.  Annie is the only daughter of well known Utopia artist Polly Nungala Nelson under who's tutelage Annie developed her artistic skills. Polly has guided and taught Annie the significance of her Dreamings and has passed on the traditional knowledge of seed collection, jewellery crafting and also painting. Annie usually paints women ceremonies called Awelye and bush leaves and bush tucker Dreaming. Annie's paintings rank amongst the neatest works of art we see, she is bound to continue her fantastic artistic career and potentially rise to the top!. She associates herself with the area of Ti-Tree in the Northern Territory as her home country.