Collection: Farron Furber Jampitjinpa

Farron Furber Jamptjinpa is a young Aboriginal artist. He was born in 1992 in Alice Springs in Central Australia, and his family and extended family are from Yuendumu Community, an Aboriginal outstation approximately three hours out of Alice Springs.

Farron comes from good artist stock, his grandmother is well known artist Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa and his mother is Julieanne Turner Nungarrayi also an artist. With the guidance of his mother and grandmother, Farren began steadily developing his artistic vision and grew more confident in his work.

Not surprised by the popularity of Farron’s artworks. They are pieces with intricate details that share the story of the Budgerigar. Farren uses traditional Aboriginal iconography within his artwork which depicts the travels of the Budgerigar ancestor as it journeyed along the Lander River and created significant places of deep spiritual meaning to the Warlpiri people in Central Australia.

Farron is, without a doubt, one of our youngest and most talented Aboriginal artists. The influence of his grandmother, Maureen, is evident. He loves playing sports, particularly basketball and wants to go to university to study law.