Collection: Mary Rumble Pitjara

Born: c1957
Region: Utopia
Language: Anmatjerre

Mary Rumble Pitjara was born c.1957 into an impressive artistic dynasty in the Utopia region of the Central Desert Australia.She spends most of her time in Alice Springs. Mary is a very talented artist , She paints so many styles Her most common is Bush Seeds Dreaming.

Born in the Utopia region of Central Australia, Mary is the sister of Katie Rumble. Mary’s extended family includes well known artist Gloria Petyarre, Gracie Morton Pwerle, Kathleen Petyarre.

Mary’s auntie Gloria Petyarre, Kathleen Petyarre and Gracie Morton Pwerle taught her to paint on canvas and over time Mary has developed her own style.

Mary’s dreamtime stories include Bush tucker, Awelye, Bush medicine dreaming and Kangaroo dreaming, focusing on the sacred land that is Utopia and the abundant resources it provides for the Utopian community.

She has produced works of varied style.