Collection: Patricia Fatt

Born: Tarcoola
DOB: 23/10/1965
Language: Yankunytjar

Patricia Fatt was born in Tarcoola, Her grandmother was from apy land, She has 2 sisters 1 brother, been paintings for over fifteen years, Her paintings represent parts of her country, ( Rock Holes, Water Holes and more.

She attended school, grew up and lives in Coober Pedy, mother of 4 children and 11 grandchildren.

The Umoona Art Centre conducted its first exhibition in Adelaide where also Patricia’s paintings were on display.

At the end of September 2021 Umoona Community Council and the APY Art Centre Collective teamed up to open the exhibition ‘Umoona Art from Umoona and Coober Pedy’ as part of Art Exhibtiion Tarnathi.

Tarnathi is a platform where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists can share their stories. The exhibition has been selling out, and features local artists Myra Kumantjara, George Cooley, Jo-anne O’Toole, Patricia Fatt, Pearl Austin, Tanya van Horen and other emerging artists.