Collection: Raelene Williams Ngala

Born: 1961
Region: Utopia
Language: Arrente
Subjects and Dreaming: Whirly winds, Weaving baskets and many more

Raelene was born in 1961, Language is Arrente and she is from the Pitjantjara/Utopia region in the NT. Signed and titled by Raelene. Excellent clean and detailed work.

Titled the “5 winds from Utopia, my mothers country’. Raelene has been painting for many years Raelene works is displayed in the most famous and renown galleries, Raelene lives in Alice Springs and is related to the Petyarre family.

She has perfected her own style and design and is an Artist with great talent and a great future. The beauty of this artist is that her work is unique and detailed. She is a member of the Tangentyere Council research team.

She is famous for whirly winds, weaving baskets and many more. Aboriginal women use un-spun vegetable fibres and shape into a basket form, other materials include straw, thread and wood. Aboriginal women are famous for their coloured basket weaving. The artist trough this amazing painting tells about her childhood memories of watching her mother and grandmothers weave baskets and create incredible patterns.

The painting depicts whirly winds, which is an unique occurrence in Central Australia. Whirly winds are swirling gusts of air rotating rapidity, collecting leaves, sand and debris in its path.

Whirly winds represent for some Aboriginal people spirit figure