Collection: Roseanne Morton Petyarre

DOB: 1984
Born: Boundary Bore, Utopia, NT
Language: Alyawarre
Community: Utopia, NT

Born in 1984 at Boundary Bore on Utopia station, 280km north east of Alice Springs, She has always lived a traditional lifestyle, spending her early years collecting bush foods and living off the land. Roseanne’s mother is renowned artist Gracie Morton Pwerle. Gracie started to paint along with her mother Myrtle Petyarre and Aunties Gloria, Kathleen, Violet, Nancy and Ada Bird Petyarre (all international and renown artists). Roseanne has grown up surrounded by famous artists , learnt from a young age the art of painting her dreamings, by watching her mother, aunties and grandmothers.

Roseanne is regarded as the third next generation of the Pwerle, Petyarre family of indigenous artists. Roseanne continues to live at Utopia with her husband, Papunya artist, James Morris, and their two children.

This was the way of life for central desert families throughout generations. Her education involved living and surviving in a desert environment just as her mother had done. Her style of painting is distinctively minimalist: she uses a very delicate dotting technique and traditional colours, which derive from the colours of natural ochres.Roseanne Morton Petyarre is a talented emerging artist in the world of contemporary aboriginal art. She was born in 1984 at Boundary Bore in Utopia, approx. Northern Territory and had a traditional upbringing, attending school at Utopia so she could stay close to family.