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Blue Tongue Lizard

Blue Tongue Lizard

Debra McDonald Nangala

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Title: Blue Tongue Lizard
Artist: Debra McDonald Nangala
Size: 90 x 60 cm Unframed
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

COA and photos holding and signing her work will be provided.

The Blue-tongue Lizard Dreamtime story is about the lizard called Kurrih and the dillybag called Bulbbe.

As told and painted by Leslie Nawirridj
Gunbalanya (Oenpelli)
Western Arnhem Land, NT

One day, in this dreamtime story, there was a man making a dillybag, called bulbbe. The bulbbe was for carrying food when he went for his bush tucker. While he was making it, he saw a group of men coming. They were his enemies. They were going to spear him and kill him. He was scared, so he formed himself into a blue-tongue lizard, called kurrih. He crawled inside the bulbbe to hide from his enemies.

Now that bulbbe was made out of string from the kurrajong tree. The string was really hard and tightly woven. It stuck on his back while he was inside the bulbbe. That’s why the skin on the kurrih is so hard that other animals, like the king brown snake, can’t bite him. His skin is strong and hard like a tightly twined bulbbe.

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