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Bush Yam

Bush Yam

Joy Purvis Petyarre

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Title: Bush Yam
Artist: Joy Purvis Petyarre
Size: 110 x 50 cm Unframed
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

COA and pictures of the artist holding and signing their work will be provided.

The Yam story is well represented further south on the Utopia Homelands of Central Australia, where the artists show the ceremonial links of the Anmatyerre people to the Yam as a source of sustenance in the desert. Artists like Emily Kngwarreye, Galya Pwerle, Gloria Petyarre, Jeannie Mills Pwerle and Rosemary Petyarre have established their own styles of paintings of the Yam and the women’s ceremonies associated with Yam Dreaming. Their depictions of the Yam Seed and Yam Flower are aspects of interest in the fertility of the Yam plant, and the paintings serve as the ceremonies do also, to celebrate and promote the abundance of the Yam.

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