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Dreaming Sisters

Dreaming Sisters

Colleen Wallace Nungarrayi


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Title: Dreaming Sisters
Artist: Colleen Wallace Nungarrayi
Size:  60 x 60 cm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

COA and pictures of the artist holding and signing her work will be provided.


Illustrated in this painting are Dreamtime Sisters, who are in good spirits dancing the Awelye (Women’s Ceremony) and looking after Colleen’s country, Arnumarra, which lies to the northeast of Alice Springs in Central Australia. ‘My country is called Arnumarra, that is my grandfather’s country. In my painting, the Dreamtime sisters are a group of spirits that look after the land, and also their role is to guard special areas such as sacred sites and protect the land.’ -“The Dreamtime Sisters are dancing and floating above the sacred sites. They were the first people in the Dreamtime. They created sacred sites and it is the role of these ancestral spirits to protect sacred sites, country, individuals and to guide families.”

Colleen tells us the Dreamtime Sisters are good spirits who dance the awelye (women’s ceremony), look after their country and guide their people. She says these sisters were once living people – her ancestors, and that there are many different types of ancestral spirit figures (some can be a little cheeky) and every country has their own spirits who guard the land and people.

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