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Fuschia Native Dreaming

Fuschia Native Dreaming

Kathleen Martin Nungarrayi

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Title: Fuschia Native Dreaming
Artist: Kathleen Martin Nungarrayi
Size: 54 x 39 cm. Unframed
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

COA and pictures of the artist holding and signing her work will be provided.

This wonderful small painting depicts a forbidden love story. The Miinypa Jukurrpa (native fuchsia Dreaming) is about a Jungarrayi man called Lintipilinti who lived at Ngarlu, which means ‘red rock’, a country to the east of Yuendumu. Lintipilint fell in love with a Napangardi women a forbidden relationship under Warlpiri law, as the women was his classificatory mother-in-law. Lintipilinti fell in love with the Napangardi women when he saw the large hole in the ground she make when she urinated. Lintipilinti was aroused by this. He began to wonder how he could woo the Napangardi. He went to Ngarlu and made hair string fro her, singing as he worked. The Napangardi women could not sleep and began to feel sick. She realized that someone was singing Yilinji (love songs) for her. A little bird visited the Napangardi women every day. The little bird was taking the Jungarrayi’s love songs pulled the Napangardi women to Lintipilinti. When the two met again they made love by they turned to stone, as their relationship was taboo according to Warlpiri religious law. The two can still be seen, as two rock’s at Ngarlu today. During the course of these events the women from Hgarlu who gossiped about the wrong skin love union turned who ‘miinypa’. These plants are also called ‘yanyirlingi’. They have small red flowers with honey inside them which are delicious to eat, tasting like ice-cream. Ngarlu is a sacred place where ‘minypa’ are still commonly found today.

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