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Seed Dreaming

Seed Dreaming

Marshall Jangala Robertson

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Title: Seed Dreaming
Artist: Marshall Jangala Robertson
Size: 208 x 103 cm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

COA and pictures of the artist holding and signing their work will be provided.

This painting tells the story of a Jangala seed ancestor who travelled south from a small hill to a place called Mt Liebeg. As he travelled he picked the watiya warnu seeds and placed them in food carriers, one of which he carried on his head. Watiya-­warnu is a seed bearing tree that grows around Yuendumu.

When people returned to their camp after collecting the seeds they would make large windbreaks for shelter and winnow the seed in the late afternoon.The associated Watiya-warnu ceremony involves the preparation of a large ground painting. Immature watiya-warnu seed is ground into a paste and can be used to treat upset stomachs.

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