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Aboriginal Painting - Seven Sisters

Aboriginal Painting - Seven Sisters

Valda Napangardi Granites

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Aboriginal Painting Title: Seven Sisters
Aboriginal Artist: Valda Napangardi Granites
Size: 150 x 90 cm unframed
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

COA and pictures of the artist holding and signing their work will be provided.


Prepare to delve into the captivating tale of the Seven Sisters, a celestial narrative that spans the breadth of Aboriginal Australia like a luminous thread woven into the fabric of the night sky. Stretching across vast landscapes and traversing diverse language groups, this ancient saga unfolds with all the intrigue of a cosmic epic.

A Celestial Journey:

At the heart of the story lies the enchanting voyage of the Seven Sisters, a radiant constellation known as the Pleiades, whose celestial dance captivates the imagination of cultures around the world. From the depths of the Central Desert to the expanse of the West Coast, the songline of the Seven Sisters weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of myth and legend, transcending time and space.

A Tale of Forbidden Love:

In the Aboriginal rendition of the saga, the Seven Sisters are pursued by two ardent suitors: the Jampijinpa man, Wardilyka, and the Jakamarra man, Jukurra-Jukurra. Racing across the heavens, the sisters flee from the advances of their would-be lovers, whose pursuit is thwarted by the laws of tradition and the boundaries of skin groups.

A Cosmic Chase:

As the sisters ascend into the night sky, their celestial journey unfolds amidst the backdrop of Orion's Belt, where the relentless pursuit of love unfolds night after night. Guided by the ancestral wisdom of the Napaljarri and Nungarrayi women, and the Japaljarri and Jungarrayi men, the Star Dreaming resonates with the echoes of sacred ceremonies and ancient rites.

Guardians of Tradition:

In the vast expanse of the desert, where the stars illuminate the darkness like beacons of ancient wisdom, the stories of the Dreaming are upheld by custodians who ensure their preservation for future generations. Through art and storytelling, these guardians keep the flame of tradition burning bright, infusing the night sky with the vibrant hues of culture and heritage.

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