Collection: Kathleen Martin Nungarrayi

Dob: 1967-2021
Born: Alice Springs, NT
Language: Warlpiri
Community: Yuendumu, NT

Kathleen Martin Nungarrayi was born in 1967 in Yuendumu, Northern Territory.

She is a very talented artist and started painting in 1990. Kathleen is related to the famous Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and Clifford’s dreamings have influenced her painting style. Her mother is Helen Nampijinpa Robertson and her grand-father is Shorty Jangala Robertson, both well-known artist who paint for Warlukurlanga Artists.

Kathleen’s main stories are Possum Dreaming and Kangaroo Dreaming. Possums and Kangaroos are very important for Aboriginal people. Possum skin cloaks were an important part of aboriginal ritual and ceremonial life. Today the tradition continues and cloaks are used at welcome ceremonies and community events.

Kathleen passed away on 10/12/2021. She will always remain part of the Corroboree Dream Art family and will be sadly be missed.